Hello! Authors of this blog are Tihana and Paula. Tihana was born in February of 1996. and Paula in April of 1995. We are cousins from Zagreb - Croatia with passion for makeup, shoes, clothes, editing photos and photographing. Here you'll find our life in pictures..


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13 February 2013


Hi :) I hope you're all having a nice afternoon. Nothing special going on here, Zagreb is pretty depressing this last few days. It's really cold, grayish and windy. Also snow is falling practically in circles so you can't help it from getting in your eyes, mouth and of course hair. Ah well, it will pass and it will be spring in no time :)

Since I for a change had nothing really important to do, I spent my time at home taking pictures of plants, and every single thing I could with 'micro' on. Also, I tried to make a choice between reading old croatian literature and watching Pretty little liars, and well, I'm going to watch last night's episode just now..Typically me


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