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20 April 2013

Picture overload

Well this post will be full of colors, boots and skirts and here you'll see how our beloved Zagreb looks in Spring. We finally managed to see each other again and also finally took our pictures outside! From now on I have a camera tripod so photos should look a whole lot better (hope) . Soo, what do you think!?

 I hope you're enjoying your Saturday morning <3
17 April 2013


Finally sunny days ! Outside, in nature everything is blossoming and it's so pretty, all the colors. Just love spring! Today I wanted to share with you my new obsession  :  PRINTED PANTS ! I think they are necessary piece in your closet this spring ;) What do you think ?

16 April 2013

BEautiful april

Wow.. I'm amazed at how much the nature has changed in last week or so! Just looking outside my window makes me happy! Look at my neighbor's cherry tree! Isn't it beautiful!?

15 April 2013


This weekend was soo busy ! My friends celebrated their birthdays yesterday and I'm a little hangover. Just some photos from the last couple of days. Hope you also had a nice weekend !

13 April 2013

Hello from upside down

Well, after hard training session with Blogilates comes good streetching! I love that so much! So yeah, doing my yoga stretches and saying good night to you world :) I'm so happy I'm able to do asanas now!!! wohoo!



Hi ! I'm so tired and can't wait for weekend ! Just a quick post ! ;) 

10 April 2013


Hi guys!! I was bored today so I did a little DIY project! I've made myself a cosy cute workout/summer tank! I didn't like that shirt very much so why not!? There's only 4 easy steps - as you probably know! Ta daaa :D Nice or what!? Editing photos I just experimented with colors I don't usually put on my photos but this too why not!?

09 April 2013

Tired !

Well I'm exhausted..Today we had a big test in Logic and it drained me completely. I'm also a bit sore from yesterday's workout session and now I'm stuck revising for tomorrow's English literature reading check..Ah, at least it's sunny and nice outside finally. So, nothing interesting here, I didn't even bother dressing up today, I just put my jumper-slash-hoodie from last year's school trip to Italy and went to school..Boring stuff,of I'm aware..I hope you're having it better than me now!

kiss <3
08 April 2013


 Yesterday I was with my friends on a concert, here are some photos, hope you had a nice weekend!

07 April 2013


Wow..I've finally got my dress in the mail, and I'm thrilled! It's pretty unusual, with mixed colors and big print,but I really love it!. It has nice V shaped neck and back, and fits right around the body. I also love its length of about 15 cm above knees. Well, it's not something that anyone would wear that's for sure, but I think it will be great for Spring with my Lita-like booties and maybe a short leather jacket..hmm. Well, firstly I need a 10 degrees rise in temperature and then we'll see.. :) You can find this dress on Sheinside.com.. Also we have some new orchids in the house and they make our living room so much more lively.

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