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11 February 2013


This summer we just had a blast ! I miss those days a loot ! First D and I worked in Office Shoes store, and while we were still in Zagreb we just chilled and hung out. We started exercising every day on lake Jarun. To stay fit for the sea shore. Than I went with my friends on a small island called Prvić.  Prvić is beautiful and really great for just relaxing, it's so peaceful. After that I went to party in Vodice ! And than again to relax in Rogoznica, where D and I have a house. There we spent the rest of the summer just swimming and reading books,enjoying and laughing ! <3

Some of our exercise group. We were coached by  professional Herbalife wellness coaches ! Behind me is Petra my cousin and Ds sister, next to Petra is her friend Monika and our friend Ana ( next to D ) was also with us. 

 Every summer on lake Bundek at night there is  firework !

 Mohitoo before and after beach in Vodice ! Party all day all night !

~ Beach in Prvić ~

        1.PRIMOŠTEN                                   2. ROGOZNICA                                            3. PRVIĆ


   kisses ~T~


ღღČяїstinEεїз said...

awesome phtos lovelies!!!!!!!!!!!
You look so pretty! love the photography too...looks like you really have a good time :)

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