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16 March 2013

Crowded Week

 So, I was super busy with exams this week and the weather was so odd. First couple of days were foggy and than BAM: snow again, it was cold so no outfit photos :(  Also this week was an annual fair called Kap Dobrote ( in translate: Droops of Goodness ) which is organized by students. All collected funds went to charity. There were some of our local soccer players and one of my favorite well dressed ladies - Petra Nižetić. She looked absolutely stunning !

          1. Love this bag and picture ! It's from a blog called  LITTLE FASHION PARADISE. 
              I just love her style and I think that she is amazing ! you can see her blog here

          2. Random photo just desperately hoping for spring!


Nobre Sandra said...

Even with the odd weather, the photos look amazing ;) And yes, of course we can follow each other! Following, just follow me back ;)


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