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20 February 2013

WHY so serious?

Hi! Well, Tihana is really busy this week so you're stuck with my posts.. Hope you don't mind :)
I wonder if anyone thinks that I don't have enough photos where I'm smiling..I just don't like it as much. I know that I always take serious photos, but I just love the concept.

Flash, dark background, my light eyes popping out, that type of set just fits me! I mean, I don't know what do you think about it, but for me it's just much more fun. I love to edit that kind of photos.
Smiley ones are more for social gatherings, a party or that kind of events, not as much for solo sessions. Sorry if you think it's too depressing or whatnot. But, bloggers that I follow also enjoy that kind of mood so it's just something I also love. (my favourite blog/fashion idol Angelica Blick and a girl who clearly loves her too - Matilda Engdahl )

earring H&M

diy bracelet - tutorial here

 belt C&A,   knitted sweater Forever 21



monkeydrama said...

Love your blog! Your outfit is soo good :)

Any way I can follow you? Because I'd love to.. It's my first time here but I'm gonna come back! Oh and thanks for visiting me!


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