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22 February 2013


Hi! Yesterday was fun, I've received a ponytail in the mail and since it is more than a year ago when I had long hair, it was so much fun to go around the house and whip my hair back and forth hahah.. I also invited Ana over so she tried it to, and it looked so cute on her! It is more her color even though sellers told me it is light brown! This certainly is not light brown.
Ah well, if you want to remember how it is to have long ponytail and you have such or darker hair color you can easily buy it here and choose from different colors lenghts and straight/curly .. It is also cheep! 5$ only. It is not real human hair and if you want real, nice looking, thick hair you won't find it this cheap, this is more for fun :)

my lovely friend Ana: 



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