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08 January 2013

Simone Rocha

So, I stumbled across a young talented girl earlier this week called Simone Rocha. She's a 27 years old fashion designer from Dublin. I just love how innovative and fresh her clothes look! And those shoes! I love them. I don't know have you seen but H&M has similar boots with perspex heel if anybody would like to own a pair :)
~ my favorites from her SS 2013 collection: // ( see the rest of it here! )

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Onto my Wardrobe said...

of course hun! I followed u on fb!! Please do the same <3
ps cool shoes :)


Anonymous said...

Hello! Thank you for your comment! I am following now on facebook! My camera is a Nikon D3100!
Big Kiss from Portugal* And of course I do not hate your blog! :P


Amy said...

Loving those loafers!


livlovelaugh said...

she's my age! OMG! I wish i was talented enough to design clothes....


Giu Lia said...

You two ar gorgeous and so inspirational. Thank you a lot for your comment, I really appreciate this. Following you back and will soon check back on you blog. In the moment I´m in Acapulco so NO blogging time :)
ox, Julia


Bessana Blue said...

She is really talented, would wear everything from her collection!

I'd love to hear your opinion about my newest post, dear :>

Love, B

Sorana Nistor said...

it's done i liked your page!!

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