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15 October 2012

Big finale of DOVE fashion.hr

This Saturday was the last day of four day long fashion event and it was phenomenal ! 
The fashionable duo Envy Room opened the event with their first  independent fashion show, too bad  it was only for VIP, other designers were also very good. I really liked  Hera by Robert Sever ( both men's and women's collection ) and Zona 45: Young@Squat . Battery on my camera died so here are some professional photos.                ( photos by FASHION.HR)

Hera by Robert Sever

 Igor Galaš

                                                    Zona 45: Young@Squat


                                                       Zona 45: Zoran Garevski

                                                       Sandra Dojčinović



Petra  looked awesome ! A photographer took a photo of her for Streetstyle so now this photo stands on Fashion.hr!

 My outfit for the evening :

           Hope you like it ;)
                                                                                              ~ T ~ 


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