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13 October 2012

3. Evening of DOVE Fashion.hr

Yesterday evening was fun! I got to go to yet another show and that with my best friend Anna. This time I didn't take many photos of interior because we were fashionably late and hurried to stand in line for our seats, so instead I photographed Anna because she is absolutely gorgeous! Also, I didn't shoot many photos of models, just few, because they were all so blurry and I just gave up. (I recorded the whole thing but I won't be putting that long video here because all shows can be watched online) I'm impressed how good everybody looked! All those high heels and platforms! Loved it! I have also seen two girls with exact same platforms as mine! :)  --Also, A photographer came to me again and asked if he can shoot me for Streetstyle so now this photo stands on Fashion.hr!! :):)  (I think I look a bit scared ahah)

Today is grand finale of the event, and T is going there with my sister, so she will put that other post tomorrow :)



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