Hello! Authors of this blog are Tihana and Paula. Tihana was born in February of 1996. and Paula in April of 1995. We are cousins from Zagreb - Croatia with passion for makeup, shoes, clothes, editing photos and photographing. Here you'll find our life in pictures..


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03 April 2013

New in ~ March

I forgot to blog about it, but so what, I'll show it to you now :) Last month I've received my lita like shoes! I love love love those <3! You could have seen them in one of older posts but I never captured them alone, so here they are :) Also I bought my long time wanted black jeans! I finally found a pair which I actually like, and that was in Bershka... So here are some photos



Chlöe Hughes said...

Hello, ooo you have such a gorgeous blog!!

mines pretty new im just starting
so would it be atall possible for you to take a look:)

thank you ever so much



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