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06 April 2013


Well, I've never made a post about this lovely brand called 'EQUA' but since today is their 3. birthday I just had to, and as my birthday gift to them I bought another bottle, it's for my mom who never drinks enough water but this shall be a motivation! I've had my giraffe bottle since November and I love it! :)

If you've never heard about their bottles you must google them! They're made of tritan and are BPA free, which means they don't release toxins in your water with time - you can use them for 10 years without worrying! Also, they're environmentally friendly and 10% of money you spend on your bottle goes to charity! They have really cute designs and some bottles are from glass too! You can choose from 400 mL or 600 mL. They cost about 10-20$ depending on size and material.. Do you have your special EQUA bottle already?? :)

check out more on this link:
equaCroatia or myequa.com




Anonymous said...

Thank you for a really nice blog. We appreciate it!

EQUA team

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