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30 March 2013

Inspiration - Candice Swanepoel

I love this woman. She is so beautiful and amazing! Her photos had recently gone out in spanish Vogue and ain't they powerful!? She inspires me because she works really hard to look like she does and also to maintain it, and she doesn't take it for granted.
She does yoga, goes to gym, she also picked up boxing..It's nice to see someone who does care about her body and health!

Too many girls are obese which is obviously unhealthy and just letting it be is irresponsible! I hear so many 'be proud if you're big, you're perfect as you are' frases out there but that is just WRONG! Accepting who you are and what nature gave you is one thing but letting your skin sag and lose your muscles because you're lazy to exercise or just can't live without soda and bags of chips or whatever is something else completely. Girls, be proud of what your capable of, you can turn your own world around if you choose to. So what if it's hard to be careful about yourself and let go of some things you like, especially food! Your body certainly does not need chips or sodas every single day. Just try. You can do it! Ain't it good to reach your goals and raise your self esteem on another level?


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