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04 February 2013

The last couple of days


Hi ! Hope you had a nice weekend ! Today I wanted to share with you some photos. 
    xox ~T~   

 1. I was on certain lecture on the University of Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

        2. vanilla scented candle, just smells beautiful

        3. some inspiration *__*

        4.  it's winter and i love sweaters :) soo sweater on !

        5. healthy snack in GOOD FOOD

        6. my hair is curly :D

        7. some roses <3

        8. my natural straight hair

        9. just chilling with my friends 


GlamourDrama said...

oww, love your hair in the pic number 6!!! beautiful!
btw thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment, but i don't see u your follow... maybe is a gfc bug :( can you retry please? meanwhile i've just started to follow you!


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