Hello! Authors of this blog are Tihana and Paula. Tihana was born in February of 1996. and Paula in April of 1995. We are cousins from Zagreb - Croatia with passion for makeup, shoes, clothes, editing photos and photographing. Here you'll find our life in pictures..


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25 February 2013


Good morning ! I’ve felt so lousy for a couple of days! Woke up with a fever, chills, sore all over and headache, but I’m feeling ok now. Zagreb is again covered in snow but today sun peeked out from the clouds.  I’m still just chilling before I start studying. And this weather reminded me on this dress, I think it is beautiful ! Love winter but I need SPRING soon ! Have a nice day !


Eda Guler said...

You've got such a cute blog, both of you are very pretty and your posts are fun to read! I couldn't find how to follow your blog via GFC though, so I'm following via Facebook :)


Parisian Fairytale said...

lovely post. I love these lyrics from Ed Sheeran..

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