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13 January 2013

Wishlist :)

I wish that I was a student..That way I could find myself a nice student side job and make my own money. I could buy more valuable things myself, without asking anyone for it. Ah well..I can dream for now :) but slowly, I know I will get to the things I wish for.

Material things aside, I would love to become more mature. I think I'm too lazy many times, to clean my room, to help in the house, I mess up when I try to cook even pancakes! But, I hope to change those things before I turn 18. this spring. Wish me good luck :)

 Can't wait to try Moroccan tan from XEN-TAN :) everyone claims it's the best one out there! 

 ~ cosy winter slippers :3 they're beautiful!

~ boots from Asos.com ..so perfect.

~ Lita boots..Do I even have to say why?

~ to pierce my belly button. Soon I will that's for sure! 

~ one day I would love to buy Macbook pro..It is so elegant and good!



bonnie_blog said...

Amazing pierce!!!

Happy Sunday evening!


Maria Bastida said...

I want/NEED the black and golden boots too!!! :D


Smaranda Costin said...

Those slippers are so cute! I want a pair too!

Thank you for your comment!

Come back soon:


Nadia Nathania said...

Hey darling! You have a great blog and you're so pretty! <3
I want to follow you dear, but I'm having a hard time finding the follow button... Maybe you can help me? :)

Thank you!


M.E said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! love the asos booties!


Giada Graziano said...

good luck! love all your selected products!



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