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30 January 2013

some shopping time

Hi! I just wanted to share this with you :D I'm really happy with what I bought today, just some small and nice things :) No clothes or anything like that this time ^^ 

~I found that watch and it's really cheap now! I just loved how elegant it looks :)

~I have heard many good things about that hair detangler, it is the best for messy hair as many girls say :) I decided to give it a try because I have so many probles when it comes to brushing my hair :P Maybe this will help. 

~BB cream is something I need and this one looked pretty :) Can't wait to try it, hope it won't be too light or just too much..

~As for the pony tail, I wanted to try this :) (as everything :P) my hair is quite short still so I was like 'why not!' I hope it won't look extremely fake though :)

Now all that's left is waiting for 20-30 days... Blah! 


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