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29 September 2012


Today I made something very fun and easy to do! It's a baggy bag :) So for those of you who own some old T-shirts with cool prints (or else) but don't want to wear them any more - make something useable fo them! 
So here is a step by step tut that I found for this :) Hope you'll like it :*

1. cut sleeves off in a straight-like line (but don't go as far as I did! Don't cut them to half of your shirt because it's not good! my bad :P
2. cut around neck line, you can make V-shape, squared or just round like I did.
3. cut three stripes from sleeve leftovers and pull them on both sides so they ''curl'' inwards

4. make three slits with your scissors like it's shown (1 in the middle of upper layer,and 2 down - make them equally distanced from each other)
5. take a safety pin and do as it's shown
6. put it through your hole and guide it all the way to another hole (as this colored lines show you)
7. make few knots with every string and make little bows :) 

that's it! you have a lovely bag!! :)



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