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11 July 2012

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Yesterday was shopping day :) We finally got our money after dealing with boring paperwork and going from work to student service so many times that we got sick from it. But, as I said, it's all over now and we just have to spend our money on our little guilty pleasures ( and save something for school books, blaah ).
As for me, I bought three things yesterday..

* This iPhone case was so great that i just had to buy it. It's from H&M and it suits my black iPhone well. It also has many little silicon ''studs'' (or something) that are helping your iPhone stay in place. ( It can't slide off the table so easily ) 

* Next thing is my new parfume..I bought it at Zara and I decided to buy it a long time ago, but was waiting for my money :P  It's just so nice and light, ideal for summer. And it smells wonderful :) 

* And the last thing is my new cosy shirt..It's nothing special but i'm happy to have it :)

Also, I forgot to mention, if you buy COSMOPOLITAN magazine now, you'll get a great mascara as a gift!
I like the shape of it's brush! It's amazing :)


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