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09 July 2012

It's a new day, and I'm feeling good

Walking around the city and enjoying this warm summer evening..It's really nice to be out...Today we tried, for the first time, macaroons in  'Zagreb' and they are delicious! When it became too dark to wander around, we sat in 'Millenium' and enjoyed a glass of cold lemon beer and cake in glass :) Nice way to finish this day..
                                           'Cake in a glass' ~ Coffee, Caramel and Apricot 


My new shoes :) I'm so happy that I don't have to walk around in my old red converse shoes with white marker dots anymore :P



For a long time, this bag was on my wish list and now I finally got it! It is so elegant and I just love it !

And last but not least, today's outfits :)

                                       dress: from Birmingham, I don't know exact shop anymore :S

                                                                           bow: DIY

                                                                           bag: Accesorize
                                                                          ring: DIY 

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